2 months on CJAY serum, twice daily
Removed potential allergens/irritants by eliminating washing powder, scented shampoo/conditioner and make-up
I started using the serum a couple of months ago, and the impact it has had on my skin has been crazy! It is so lovely to use, a little goes a long way and genuinely couldn’t recommend it enough. It doesn’t sting and feels really nice when applying to my skin. Before starting the serum I had stopped using all moisturisers but was still using some round my eyes and lips as I was struggling to open my eyes and mouth in the morning. However, since starting the serum I haven’t needed to use any at all and they have felt better than ever. Within two months of these changes my skin is actually glowing! I can’t believe I’m even using the word glowing but it really is! I’m so happy that I can now exercise without my skin feeling like it’s burning and I eat what I want without being scared. So excited to see where my skin is going to be in another two months!


Used CJAY Serum for 2 months
Hardened skin from prolonged moisturiser usage
1st month: application 6-7 times a day, 2nd month: 2-3 times a day
I found the serum light and easy to apply, it's comfortable too. At first I was not used to it as it didn't feel moisturising enough - but now I feel like my skin has healed through the process. I can feel each layer of skin getting stronger. It's no longer itchy anymore and feels less dry.
I'm glad to finally come across a product which works and really heals my skin! I think this is a great investment, thank you!



 Used CJAY Serum for 2 months

Applied twice daily

 During the first year of TSW nothing helped the burning, red skin. I’ve lost count of how many moisturisers I’ve tried on my face, never finding something that either soothed or helped the horrible feeling of irritated, sandpaper skin.  Upon the first application of the CJay serum, I was impressed. It was light, cool and my skin didn’t react negatively by turning instantly red; a first for me in my two year journey! Every time I apply the serum to my face and neck it feels comfortable and never itches afterwards. After two months of using the serum, my facial skin finally feels normal again. It is soft, subtle and there is minimal flaking. I also believe that it has helped reduce the frequency of my facial flares which were every few days for two long years. I’m impressed with the appearance of the red skin; it’s finally returning to its normal colour and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Everyone has commented on how much better my face is. Finally something that works for TSW skin! I have started applying the serum to other parts of my body. This is the first time in over two years that I have spent money on a product for TSW and seen real, exciting results. I’d highly recommend it.




 Used CJAY Serum for 6-8 weeks

Application throughout the day, whenever necessary

The serum feels so nice – very light and easily absorbed. It was the first thing I put on my skin during TSW that didn’t make my skin burn. It leaves a light film on the skin after you apply it - this is to help the skin form a protective barrier against elements that might irritate it. I am not exaggerating when I say I noticed my skin change from the first day I used it!!!! It calmed the redness and burning almost immediately, even my housemate and boyfriend noticed it. Before I started using the serum, my lips were completely cut open and it was difficult to open my eyes due to swelling – within about 5-7 days of using the serum multiple times a day, my lips had healed and my eyes were normal. I have (relatively) mild TSW and so I was able to notice changes extremely quickly. In other areas, first the redness and burning went down, then my skin started to get drier and peel, then the skin on my face in particular was almost relatively normal. Over the past 6-8 weeks, I have been able to feel my skin getting stronger every day - I have genuinely been astounded by how powerful this serum is. 

I have been able to return to my normal life!! I can now regularly wear makeup and even drink some alcohol (previously just one glass sent my skin into a 2-week meltdown). My skin still gets flares, but they are nowhere near as severe and are significantly shorter. I will still continue wearing the serum for a long time to come as my skin continues to heal – I literally never want to be without it!