What is CJAY Rejuvenate Serum?

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Key Benefits of CJAY Rejuvenate Serum

For Healthy Skin

Helps support the skin’s natural ability to produce new, healthy elastin and collagen

Anti-ageing; improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Smoothens the texture of skin

For Sensitive & Damaged Skin

Supports the skin’s natural ability for cell proliferation and wound healing

Forms a thin protective film over the skin that protects the skin from environmental allergens/irritants

Anti-microbial properties that reduce the skin’s susceptibility to infection

Contains key ingredients that help open wounds dry and scab faster

Key Ingredients

What to expect after using CJay Rejuvenate Serum

One of the key functions of CJay Rejuvenate Serum is supporting skin cell regeneration. 

This would mean that you may experience increased flaking, crusting or scabs forming, depending on the current stage of your skin. 

On healthy skin, you may experience some roughness, while on open wounds, dry, sensitive or irritated skin, you may experience increased flaking or scabbing.  

Do not be alarmed if you experienced increased flaking; this is meant to happen and it means that your skin is healing. Flaking will gradually reduce and flakes will get smaller over time until full recovery.



2 months on CJAY serum, twice daily
Removed potential allergens/irritants by eliminating washing powder, scented shampoo/conditioner and make-up

I started using the serum a couple of months ago, and the impact it has had on my skin has been crazy! It is so lovely to use, a little goes a long way and genuinely couldn’t recommend it enough. It doesn’t sting and feels really nice when applying to my skin. Before starting the serum I had stopped using all moisturisers but was still using some round my eyes and lips as I was struggling to open my eyes and mouth in the morning. However, since starting the serum I haven’t needed to use any at all and they have felt better than ever. Within two months of these changes my skin is actually glowing! I can’t believe I’m even using the word glowing but it really is! I’m so happy that I can now exercise without my skin feeling like it’s burning and I eat what I want without being scared. So excited to see where my skin is going to be in another two months!

The serum is safe for use for all skin types and conditions.

Normal/healthy Skin

Apply the serum on clean skin with clean hands twice a day, once in the morning and before bedtime.

Dry/tight skin

Apply the serum with clean hands after shower, or during the day as and when needed.

Irritated skin

Gently cleanse irritated skin with water and pat dry. Apply the serum on the skin and let it absorb in. The serum forms a thin film on the skin which protects the skin from mild environmental allergens/irritants.

Hardened/elephant skin

Hardened/elephant skin requires hydration into the deeper layers of the skin. Apply the serum to hardened areas after a shower or after running water over the affected skin area for 5 minutes. The serum will bring moisture to the deeper layers of the skin and soften hardened skin. Please allow time for this effect to be visible. Note: Do not soak your skin, running water is recommended instead.

Oozing/open wounds

It is safe to apply the serum directly on open/oozing wounds. The serum has a gentle, soothing effect that does not cause any stinging sensation. The serum speeds up healing of open wounds by supporting crusting and scab formation.